09-29-18 A story on “Killing Europe” from Rebel Media.

09-19-18 The film “Killing Europe” has been nominated for an award by the London based organisation Passion for Freedom:

2018 Shortlisted Films

6-13-18 Ottawa Public Library sued for cancelling controversial documentary

Ottawa Public Library sued for cancelling controversial documentary

article from The Ottawa Citizen Library faces court challenge over cancellation of controversial film

5-29-18 Pamela Geller on the issues screening the film

3-9-18 Krudttoenden, the venue attacked by Islamist in 2015, refuses to host screening of “Killing Europe” in Copenhagen as the film deals with “issues too risky to talk about”. I guess I don’t blame them on a personal level. However, this shows the terrorist have been successful in scaring some into submission in Denmark.

NOTE: Article is in danish

Killing Europe featured on One America News Network:

Michael Hansen’s appearance on the GLAZOV GANG:

FROM BIZPAC REVIEW: How “Killing Europe” proves that President Trump is right about Europe:

Trump’s tweet on Muslim migrant violence proven right in documentary ‘Killing Europe’

Articles on the Antifa induced cancellation of the Ottawa/Canada Screening:

ACT for Canada rep. Alexandra Belaire is interviewed on Ottawa formerly conservative talk radio AM station, CFRA. This is pertaining to the Ottawa Public Library now deciding what movies people are able to see or not based on unspecified criteria:

Ottawa library cancels planned screening of controversial ‘Killing Europe’ doc


Film Review from The Tundra Tabloids:

Documentary: Killing Europe, a Danish expatriate returns home to view the remains…….

Various Articles on “Killing Europe”:

Dhimmitude is “Killing Europe”

Filmmaker Michael Hansen (“Killing Europe”) shows how Trump tweet is right on Muslim migrant violence in Europe

Diane Bederman castigates the Ottawa Public Library for lacking the courage to show the documentary Killing Europe.